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Hi Kirill,

I have never tried doing any affiliate marketing – so any comments should be taken with that in mind.

I do beleive a small percentage of people have made some good money using these programs. There are a number of “Get Rich Doing Internet Stuff” type courses around which teach how to do affiliate marketing. I also think the free “30 day challenge” uses it – if you want more info look that up!

On a side note – those sleezy long copy sales pages are aweful! I’d rather not be in that business if I had to create those to get sales. I do think they are worth studying to get ideas on how to do things better for normal sales pages!

I beleive the percentage of people who make money doing affiliate marketing has/will drop greatly very quickly as more people do affiliate marketing, the more competition there is – creating generic markets – and less profit. I also think people will eventually wise up with the generic long form sales pages (I hope!).

I do believe that people who create value for others – and can then market that value will still make good money. Video and phone/tablet apps seem to be 2 areas with huge growth at the moment.

You don’t want to rely on others for your income – what if your affiliate changed the terms – or shut down etc – where does that leave you? Affiliate marketing has some similarities to having a job – your boss tells you what you can and can’t do, how much profit you can make etc. It’s much better to be the boss!

The up side is, it’s not expensive to try it – do the 30 day challenge – spend some time and small amount of money setting up hosting/domains and lots of time learning you can try it for yourself. Some of this knowledge is still very useful if marketing your own products.

I’d be also interested to hear other peoples opinoins on this topic :)