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kirill, post: 103008 wrote:
I have recently found out about the affiliate program network, and I was wondering if someone was acquainted with such systems.
I mean for business purposes (software selling).

Are these affiliate program network hard to set business?
Are they providing users with their affiliate program or do they involve the already set one?
Are they effective at all? Is there any sense to join them? If so, which one to choose:

– Clickbank
– BidVertiser
– Copeac
– AdToll
– Shareasale
– Forex-Affiliate?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Kirill,

From what you posted I think you are asking if affiliate marketing is good to improve sales on software that you are selling. I’ve been involved with affiliate marketing for sometime and it’s a great way to build a reseller network without having to manually build one.

If you sell globally the best recommendation I can give you is http://www.cj.com, used by Adobe, Norton, Sony, Dell, Apple etc. If you don’t have a revenue of over 1M a year then you probably have to pick a smaller affiliate network, shareasale is probably the best bet.

If you join a network, they will provide you with sales tracking codes to put on your website and will take care of the rest. If you wouldn’t want to pay a network to do this, you can always set up your own affiliate network within your website, depending on your website build (.net or php or anything else) you can choose an affiliate network software to work with.

The main thing to remember is your success with affiliate marketing directly relates to the commission amount per sale, cos you need to attract super publishers to win in affiliate marketing :)

Good luck!