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i block out jobs in my outlook calendar. i have a couple of days in advance and have nothing more than the client name and 1-2 words on what needs to be looked at. if its full on, ill just cut and paste an email into it.

after i attend the job (literally when I walk out the door) i adjust the leave time to suit. then spend each sunday invoicing. (i wouldnt do it monthly for many reasons).

i was going to spend money on a system for it (freshbooks, etc) but decided not to in looking @ the bigger picture.

remote stuff is done also in outlook. everything is categoried and colour coded (onsite, meeting, remote support, personal etc)

once this is done, usually at the end of the day i create a task in outlook again that is categorised also, with the client and how much i should charge them in hours and or hardware. (this is based off the outlook calendar time).

i have apps that sync with friggen everything so i can do it from the laptop, ipad, iphone, web browser if need be.

time to add calendar appt and task is less than 5 seconds.