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I’ve programmed my own system using Filemaker database software where myself and staff start the day by setting up a new record which asks me which project I am commencing. This records the start time of the project. When finished, I press an ‘end’ button which then automatically calculates the time spent and adds to the total time spent on the project. Meanwhile it immediately marks the start time of the next project asking me to specify what I am about to commence.

Built into the system are also non project related options like ‘lunch’ or ‘unchargeable time’ and so on.

How does it deal with multiple jobs done at the same time? Well if you think about it, you can’t really be working on two jobs at once – you’d be fluctuating back and forth doing only one job at a time even if for a few seconds while answering the phone about another job for example.

So the idea is to be disciplined about pressing the end button every time you pause.

With experience I’ve found that for humans to multi-task is actually unproductive as a job takes longer to complete because every time you get back to a job you spend a little while looking back to see where you left off. Also the momentum is lost which is otherwise gained when one is fully focused on one thing. With this system of pressing the end button each time, it sub-consciously encourages you to complete a stage in full.

The other advantages of this system is that it enables you to monitor all staff’s time even while away from the office, and that invoices can be automatically generated if your charge out is entirely time based.

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