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I have some thoughts on your logo primarily.
If you are to change the name also it would worth considering.

You have to think about the way you are communicating to your audience. You have to know who they are also. So,.. if I was about to buy a car I’d be thinking mostly about the car. What type, what colour, how new etc etc.
So I would need EVERY piece of a web site I visit to look, sing and shout the feel of a new car. Clean. Smooth. Convenient. Sleek. etc

A red traffic light logo with an R in it,.. well, basically it quite subconsciously says : STOP. (not Clean. Smooth. Convenient. Sleek. Jump in for a ride.)

Likewise if I sell my car in your listing, I would need to be sure it represented my car as a premium deal.

So, if you are serious about this venture, start investing in a designer and get things shaped up to communicate they way they should. Otherwise everything you do will look second best (or last best) and so too will your eventual revenue.