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Sounds like they’ve given you a standard “shell”. Possibly what you need is all in the CMS, you just need to input. (it’s a good way to get used to the CMS)

Did you give them a written brief, sign their service agreement or quote?
Check all the promise they put in writing. Compile all email correspondence and then see where you stand.
If they said something in writing and you have it, keep it and show them.
Also, do it face to face if possible, it makes things a lot easier to know where you stand.
Tell them you will not pay any further until you have what was promised.
It doesn’t matter if this is “how websites are delivered”,.. if they asked you for images and content and promised it would be complete with content, then this is the service agreement you paid for.

If none of this is in writing, tell them you are not happy and will not pay.
Insist on the “unfinished” website source files being uploaded to your server since you have already paid 50% and threaten legal.

Simply put, you need clear agreement before proceeding with anything.