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Matt Rankin
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ray_223, post: 103153 wrote:
Hi Matt,

Looks good.

My question is … “why the need for an Australian based site?”

Internet Marketing has a world wide market – except for a few small topics with SEO and .com.au domains – everything else should be the same no matter where you are?

What are peoples thoughts on the warrior forum and site point forums?

I Ray, I’m a member on SitePoint, Digialpoint, Blackhatworld, Moneymaker and Warrior Forums (mostly since 2008). Whilst each of these sites offers awesome amounts of knowledge, there is little to no information about targeting online campaigns to the Australian Audience. Apart from some online ventures I have whereby I’m targeting a US audience, I’m also looking to target my own IT business to Sydney-siders, and those forums only help from a high-level point of view.

A case in point would be the current under-utilisation of gumtree.com.au by Internet Marketers. This site should offer a gold mine to businesses if it is used correctly (i.e. not just a 4 line sales pitch). That’s the sort of thing that’s missing IMO.