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i applaud your “shoot if no-one is doing it ill do something about it” attitude

can i be devils advocate?

* for any legible video, you would have to be almost next to the car, and moving. meaning you would need to be in a car yourself. which means youre driving, or your a passenger. if a passenger, the last you want to do is be a hero and try and bust someone.

* which leads me to this point. a guy got stabbed today from road rage. could your imagine what COULD happen if you recorded someone and they caught you?

* texting is more of a problem than talking on the phone (at least you keep your eyes on the road). the chance of videoing someone doing that (and being able to tell thats what theyre doing) is slim. “Sorry Officer, just changing the radio station”

* money incentives? wow, thats one way to double and triple assaults as if you tried to implement that scheme for speeding drivers (paid people for busting them) there would be bashings, stabbings and deaths i guarantee. also, if the incentive was great enough, i would camp near a major arterial, setup a hi-def video camera, and watch them money roll in.

i love the idea. i really do. but think that before any progress is made (and you will make progress) you need to know both sides. it will make your all round offering more solid addressing some potential problems.

the only way to stop this sort of stuff is to use the accelerometer on these phones and disable the texting and or phone function at speeds over 20kms. this could very well happen in the future and i think the only real way to stop this sort of stuff. or at least, reduce it.