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(im sure were due for a beer / coffee / whatever soon to nut stuff like this out)

No to the CV. A+ CCNP, MSCE, MSSA, etc, etc, etc. Most small businesses wont know what they are, let alone care. Heck you could even put down that youve done it all even if you havent, and they would be none the wiser.

delivering them? you can do the door knock thing. but the no hawkers sign is off putting, and it can be very demoralising to say the least. i know of a copier sales guy that does the door knock thing and he swears by it. but its like telemarketing. you can do it, or you cant. i, like most people, cant.

from experience you need to make some strategic alliances. web guys, hosting guys, voip guys, etc. if you dont know anyone now, i know its a little hard, so buddy up with other IT guys (yes, well organise that meet soon) and ask for their help or if you can be their backup guy.

good luck with the flyers. :) let us know how you go.