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Niks, post: 103085 wrote:
Thanks for your response. I have already reminded them several times of deadlines and what they have failed to deliver, but unfortunately it’s not really getting me anywhere. They’re insisting that this is how websites are delivered, whereas I was promised a fully functioning website (and asked to send through my content and product photos etc.)

For now though I can’t afford it to be delayed any further, so I need to move forward and then deal with that a little later or at the same time. I’m currently getting a few other quotes, but now I’m in a position where I have no idea who to trust, and I’m still wondering whether to give them a chance to get the site up to scratch.

I guess my question is, on the surface am I able to tell if the website has been done well?

I suggest you check out http://www.theblogdesigner.com.au – they are affordable, make good looking websites (they created mine) and most importantly they keep you up to date through every step of the process of creating your site so it’s to your liking.