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Hey Niks,

I’m just finishing a Magento project this week.
Personally I ask for 30% upfront and I’m spending most of this week making tweaks and changes as per the client’s wishes. The designer and I uploaded all the product details, text and photos ourselves. In fact I spent 4 hours re-uploading a bunch of them because the designer didn’t like the image quality of the first batch I uploaded.

If I was in your place, I wouldn’t pay the remaining fee until the website was live and complete with all data, text and products included.

From your initial post, it sounds like you don’t have access to the administration area? Do you?
By the way, the default one page checkout in Magento is indeed several steps but all of these take place on one page, so I can understand a bit of confusion. Did you want it all to be shown immediately?

Like Philip, I’ll be happy to have a look over the weekend if you want some help.