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David@Verve Recruitment
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Hi Man Goods,

I was talking to a relative about a man goods shop just the other day when I was being badgered into swallowing my pride and purchasing a “man bag” due to my insistence of housing my assortment of possessions that were simply incapable of fitting into my pockets (phone, sunglasses, sun cream, wallet and other knick knacks) with the ladies handbags that were in my company. I think I said that right.

Personally i’m far too masculine to willing accept the notion of a man bag but I feel that I’m likely to succumb to pressure at some stage. It’d be nice that there were some options out there that didn’t make me look like a courier or overly effeminate.

So I think there’s plenty of room to have a specialist shop like yours, wether that be online or bricks and mortar.

However, your description of product ranges does strike me as a bit predictable. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

I have a couple of suggestions for you:-

– Have articles in there as well. Explain why you should buy a man bag, explain what we should look for in a shaving cream – because the thing is men are clueless aren’t we. We do need to be told things.

– Have toys in there. I never owned enough radio controlled cars in my childhood and could easily be convinced to buy a specialist one. One that’s loud and smelly. Grrrr.

– Develop your own style – don’t lean too much on the FHM / Ralph “lads mag” persona, as we’re not all like that (any more).

– You could have more eclectic product ranges too – e.g. car insurance, or toys for your kids.