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Stuart B
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King, post: 103217 wrote:
A hiccup is that QLD police will not accept these videos or photos as evidence. I have tried and to secure a conviction they must have witnessed it or the images need to have been taken on Dep Transport or their equipment.

The idea has merit tho!

Yes I’m aware that there are some legal difficulties involved, however there are ways to make it work. I’m not a lawyer so I don’t know the in’s and out’s of it all, but after having spoken to some people within QLDPOL about the idea they are working on ways to make this type of evidence work.

At the end of the day I’m not really concerned with that, if there’s enough support behind it, it’ll put more pressure on to make it work.

Couple It, post: 103222 wrote:
The first thought that came to my head though was, “you want people to use their phones to video while they’re driving?” because I believe that is what your initiative would encourage. There might have to be some careful consideration in your wording on the site.

Not at all… There’s an “instructions” page on the site outlining the importance of not being the driver, and in the coming dys I’ll be including a video of how to demonstrate that fact too. So as to prove that whoever is submitting the video is doing to in a safe and legal manner, and not breaking the law themselves when they do it.

Aside from that, filming in vehicles is only one aspect to it… It’s also quite likely that pedestrians would see the same thing and have an opportunity to film as well, not just people in cars. But the instructions page is certainly going to make those previous points clear so there is no confusion.

Thanks for your support… Please LIKE the facebook page so I can spread the word further about it :)