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Stuart B
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gossipism, post: 103311 wrote:
* for any legible video, you would have to be almost next to the car, and moving. meaning you would need to be in a car yourself. which means youre driving, or your a passenger. if a passenger, the last you want to do is be a hero and try and bust someone.

Ok this has multiple parts… If we’re assuming that we’re dealing with someone txting while driving or something similar, then yes you’re probably right that you’re going to need to be in a vehicle. You’re probably not going to be driving and recording because that just wouldn’t be smart… It’s possible but I know I wouldn’t submit a video that’s going to be sent to police where I’m videoing someone else, while I myself am breaking the exact same law in order to make the video.

Most likely it would be a passenger filming in this case, and if they are concerned about the repercussions of recording the video, then they simply don’t have to. The only people who are going to be submitting videos are people who want to participate so I don’t really see that as a big issue.

Another point is that we need to remember that this isn’t just for people txting and driving… You could easily get video of someone driving dangerously in some other manner, and that could be done in a vehicle at longer distance, or even by a pedestrian without any problems.

gossipism, post: 103311 wrote:
* which leads me to this point. a guy got stabbed today from road rage. could your imagine what COULD happen if you recorded someone and they caught you?

Yeah that’s a fair point, but again people are going to use their own brains and decide if they actually want to record the video or not.

gossipism, post: 103311 wrote:
* money incentives? wow, thats one way to double and triple assaults as if you tried to implement that scheme for speeding drivers (paid people for busting them) there would be bashings, stabbings and deaths i guarantee. also, if the incentive was great enough, i would camp near a major arterial, setup a hi-def video camera, and watch them money roll in.

I would probably be one of the first to setup my own camera at a busy intersection just like you described. The upside is that it would inspire a LOT of public participation, and to people who like to talk or text while driving, they would definitely think “hey if I do this, there’s a big chance I’m going to get caught”. There’s no police around sure, but everyone else has the ability to cash in on you being naughty.
People being killed over it? Never say never I suppose.

In any case the cash incentive is just a pipe dream in this instance, it’s definitely not on the brink of happening that’s for sure but I appreciate your take the idea as a whole, and more or less they’re all things I’ve considered throughout the process of putting this together.

At the end of the day the police get sent video footage from people who see stuff happening all the time, and not just things on our roads. So in reality this website isn’t really doing anything revolutionary.
All it really does is provide a centralised place where people can submit those things, and know that it’ll get forwarded through to the relevant department. It’s more about convenience and awareness than anything else.