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David@Verve Recruitment
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TehCamel, post: 103215 wrote:
my wife thinks maybe I should go to the businesses, nicely dressed, and hand them over, that way there’s an opportunity to talk to someone, rather than just sending paper into the ether.

If you have the time, and the cahunas (I presume we can’t say the b word), you should do this. The thing is, whether or not you meet with them face to face, or call them, or send them a leaflet, they will not need your services today. They may in 3 months time, they may in 12 months time, but they won’t today.

If you can meet with them face to face you have the opportunity to assure them that if they have an IT problem in 3 months that they don’t need to worry because you’ll be the nice young man / lady that will be available to assist. You also have the opportunity to stand over them whilst they enter your contact details into their mobile / database. Only kidding. Or am I.

For our business we use telemarketing but that’s due to a few reasons including geographical spread of potential clients and the sheer numbers of suitable clients. For your business it sounds like you’re focusing on those in the local surrounding areas and as such door knocking would be a good fit. By the sound of it you only need a few more clients so you may find you get results before you know it.

TehCamel, post: 103215 wrote:
I’ve also considered including my one-page “cv” with each flyer. Thoughts on this ? (ie, rather than just saying “i can do bla bla bla”, I can show that i’ve done it before)

Nope. Don’t do it. You’re not applying for a job. If they want your services they need to know that you can handle them, they don’t need to know what you’ve done before and they won’t have the time or inclination to scrutinise that. For sure it would make sense to say that the business specialises in such and such technical areas, and in a given location, and for small businesses, but the CV idea is a bad one.

TehCamel, post: 103215 wrote:
Thoughts on all of the above, mainly on delivery of them..
I plan on getting addresses from the Hobsons Bay business listing to start off with. I know some of them are home-based businesses, so maybe it’s better to just post it to them, and go into buildings with others.. ?

Yeah post to home based businesses but otherwise get your walking boots on. And emphasise the local aspect of your offering, and probably your rates and hours of availability too. It’s good for business owners to know that they have a local, competent and affordable IT guru within easy reach.