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Hi TehCamel,

I think i spoke to you about direct mail before – just let me know if you want help there, print and fulfilment.

In the short term, get your walking boots on. Don’t over do it, maybe 1hr at a time. I did some canvassing today and if you approach it properly, it is fun and effective.

Do not go in there with the view of making a sale or signing a client, go in there to make a connection.

Perhaps something along the lines of…

I just wanted to stop by as the new IT Geek in the area and introduce my business. I have some info I would like to leave with you to look over, it has the details of what I can offer for your business. Just out of interest, is there any niggling issues I can provide some free advice on while I’m here?

Softly softly is the best approach when door knocking, but don’t be apologetic.