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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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I wasn’t aware but not surprised that someone’s taken action. It’s a simple concept to attract more online shoppers and leverage the traditional B&M business.

Some of the best “Internet” marketers do “offline” marketing like direct mail, classifieds and telemarketing.

looks like Argos owns the brand and deals with suppliers direct. kind of like an amazon that is available offline.

Same model. I am referring to collaboration here where the small guys and solos can take advantage of low barriers to entry and shoppers who are willing to try online shopping if there was a b&m presence.

Only thing my wife said was what if there are a whole bunch of women who want to try a size 8 top at the same time?

I guess that’s where capacity optimisation and customer education comes in.

FS Concierge, post: 103436 wrote:
Hi Khalid,

In some ways what you’re describing sounds similar to the UK chain of stores Argos. Are you familiar with them? They’re all over the UK, but I’ve never seen anything like them here.

You can order online, but they also have shopfronts with minimal merchandise on display. If they don’t want to shop online, people choose what they want from a catalogue or the web, go to a counter and order it, and then stand around waiting for their purchase to be fetched from somewhere out the back of the store.

If you’re considering something like that, you might be interested to check out their business model.