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gossipism, post: 103306 wrote:
hey ronnie

im interested to the results of your findings.

having not been part of the SAHD culture I cant really give an answer but see the opportunities for both men and women to be similar (and not 100% one sided)

im quite active in a parents forum where 95% of the members are SAHM. They all participate in the usual stuff, blogging, product reviews, craft type stuff, but i dont see how these opportunities would be any different for Dads.

Obviously the nature of some of these may favour women (craft, health, beauty, etc) but it doesn’t stop Dads from doing something similar.

they could do stuff like sell on ebay, review websites, provide remote IT support, etc, etc.

still, love to hear you come up with

Thanks Tony, Posted call out :D

Gossipism. Happy for you to check out my website and gossip about it in all those forums :P