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rebelrocker, post: 103525 wrote:
What is so bad about myob software in your opinion?

It’s totally counter intuitive, it’s interface reminds me of programs from 20 years ago, it doesn’t improve itself when it has to (like cloud products), you have to have it installed to use it so you have to use the one computer, very difficult to share data with a bookkeeper, admin person or accountant, reconciling accounts is almost impossible (Xero does it automatically), you have to manually enter transactions (Xero picks up them up automatically from PayPal and your bank etc), you have to be trained in how to use it and even then you really need a bookkeeper to help.

Honestly I could go on all day but they’ll probably delete my post. I am so happy they came out with Xero, MYOB really had it coming. It saves me at least $650 / month and makes accounting borderline fun….ok let’s go with bearable.