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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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Have you been to a Hive event?


Ytelco, post: 103247 wrote:
Hi All.

Interested in a little feedback about something I’ve been considering. No doubt it already exists in some areas but I’m not aware of any near me (Western suburbs of Melbourne)

Most of us have attended networking events at some stage. Many of these are quite formal in their approach, whether it be BNI or an event with invited speakers etc. Absolutely nothing against these, I’ve attended many myself but they’re not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea.

I’m thinking about setting up a very informal event along the lines of bare foot bowls. Networking in a casual, fun atmosphere with a couple of quiet beers on the green. Casual clothes and as little time listening to speakers as possible (maybe just a brief announcement on how the event will operate).

Has anyone attended something like this and if so, was it successful? Is this something you would be interested in attending?