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David@Verve Recruitment
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Jazzah, post: 103385 wrote:
What if it has an impact on our image. Like their friends posting that parties are terrible at our place, that the face painting we did was bloody aweful etc etc. It is on Facebook and our customers see it straight away, they don’t know who they are. I have blocked 3 people so far, who are connected to them. I keep deleting the posts but I am also aware that people must wonder if we jsut delete anything negative!

Oh I see the damage, and the heart ache and frustration that this must cause. But if you can’t do anything about it, you can’t do anything about it.

Like I say, first point of call would be Facebook, the suspected offending parties, and from there the police or lawyers. I personally can’t think of any other direct action you could take to stop their actions.

You might want to write something on your facebook page saying something like

ATTENTION: We have been receiving multiple false negative comments which we believe to be from jealous competitors.

Or perhaps you can start a war on their facebook page, but I can’t see that ending up well.

I’m not too familiar with Facebook but by the sound of it if they want to attack you, and it seems that they do, that there aren’t too many options available for you, as such you kind of have to put up with it and hope that they get bored and move on.

Perhaps you could contact other competitors and see if they’re suffering the same fate, and if so you could come up with a plan of action together.

Another thought (don’t know quite how facebook works though), perhaps you could reply to negative comments with:

If our parties are so bad, how come this customer gave us this referal… Jane says the party was great etc….

Basically that would be an attempt to both show that you have good referals and show that their complaints are bogus at the same time.