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LemonChip, post: 105335 wrote:
I think the cons would far outweight the pros… Health issues, drug issues, client issues, reputation issues… The list goes on.

Fringe Benefits Tax ………. ;)

We had a discussion on DNTrade the other day about the “adult industry”.

Here is an article on an Aussie husband and wife team doing very well out of the “adult market”.


I liked this quote:

He would have had no ethical dilemma about growing rich, or at least richer, on the proceeds of prostitution. “If the girls are doing it of their own free will, then I’ve got no problem with it at all,” he says. His partner is similarly matter-of-fact. “It’s a business like any other,” says Maddox, 31, who is pretty and perky, with long blonde hair and a first-class commerce degree from Curtin University.