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Hi Sue, great to hear business is booming.

I think the answer to this question is pretty easy. If you are happy running a solo business and you don’t have ambitions outside that then I would keep it solo. Happily turn down work it will make people appreciate you more and put your prices up, continue to put them up until you can take one day a week off! Whatever your clients are prepared to pay is what you are worth to them it could be quite a bit more than you are currently charging.

Growing a business is very very difficult. I went through the same thing with my business however I was never happy running a solo business and always intended to grow it so for me I’ve always known I could make more money on my own but that didn’t align with my goals. But it’s been incredibly difficult. Don’t underestimate how complicated things get when you start growing – having an abundance of customers is not a good reason to do it in my view.

Good luck and see you around on the coast.