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Hi Patrick

Jacqui’s points are great, that’s what my hairdresser offers too. Plus a special deal for my birthday and an extra treatment when I rebook within a certain timeframe. And they have a ‘recommend a friend and get a refund’ program. Or raffles for everyone who on their visit books the next treatment.

I don’t care so much about the quality of coffee or biscuits, they are good most of the time.
What I want from my hairdressser is that they are listening to my ideas and tell me if I’m wrong or if there is something that would suit me better.

I expect from a good hairdresser that their salon is clean, no hairs on the chair or table and a change of scissors should they fall on the floor (you have no idea how often this doesn’t happen). No draught when you sit there waiting with wet hair.

And what I really would like (and so far I couldn’t talk them into it) is if they would take a digital photo after a great haircut and store it in a database so that they always can go back to it for reference.