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Hi Patrick – ok – I’m no hairdresser but here are some things that could potentially help with finding your point of difference – get creative and do some brainstorming – don’t worry about if it seems to left of centre – just go for it – you can always reign in your ideas later.

think about
– what are the benefits of your services? Yes you are providing a hair cut/treatment and so on – but what are you really providing and capitalise on that?
– prestige (if your salon is edgy)
– image consultancy
– a social environment
– relaxation/self-indulgence (or nurturing)
– location (perhaps you can go to people?)
– maybe you are more into being environmentally friendly and using organic only products

Then think about how you can value add to make yourself stand out of the crowd
– provide discounts to people who refer friends (my hairdresser does this and I send him lots of people! I always feel good when h)
– start a blog that offers your clients something – like updated information about handy home treatment tips for their hair and other related posts, and info about cruelty free products

good luck!