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Hi Patrick

Late to the party, but just wanted to let you know that I, too, work in a highly competitive field (copywriting) and the good news is there seems to be enough work to go around – among the good ones anyway.

You sound very passionate about what you do, and that’s a big start. And I think your POD of being “a city salon in the suburbs” is a great idea. Not of we suburbanites are “soccer moms” and we like to look and feel great too.

Opening sales are a great idea to attract, and hopefully keep, new clientele, and I’m sure your happy current cients will follow you (is it still the case the hairdressers can’t move within a 5 k radius?).

With all that said – my local shopping centre had four salons not that long ago and two have recently closed – one a franchise and the other a husband and wife team. The only two left are a “Just Cuts” and a small barber that has recently branched into women’s haircuts. The one I went to was the franchise and, as I understand it, the lease expired and the shopping centre wanted to double the rent, so they closed up. I’m going to try the small barber (my kids go there), but if that’s no good, I am willing to travel to find a good stylist.

Good luck!