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Can a GOOD business really flourish when there are MANY businesses within walking distance of each other?

Hi there. I’m a beauty therapist and currently practice as a nail technician. When I first came to this forum, I was in the process of setting up my own salon. This has now eventuated into a nail studio as premises I required were not available. However, the commonality between us remains the same: we are both competitng in an area where there are a lot of beauty related businesses.

To answer your question, yes, it can.

I don’t discount. I can’t afford to. However, I find that added value selling really works. When I opened, in addition to a service guarantee, I offered an item (nail oil) with my full price service and the response was tremendous. However, I have found in the time that I have been open that quite simply people look for good customer service. I also cross sell with businesses I can rely on.

I know “good customer service” sounds really easy and everyone out there mentions it but a lot of salons (beauty and hair) fail dismally in this area. My own hairdresser lost my business when she put her apprentice on the desk and charged my card $1100 for a $110 service which she couldn’t refund because she didn’t know how and oh well I’d just have to come back later and get it. I eventually got my money…a week later. Another salon I left because the staffmember was grumpy/distracted and didn’t make me feel welcome…and you know what? That’s common! Those of you reading this, go into a salon and try to make a booking and watch how you are received. You’d think customer service was such a simple skill to master but it really is an art.

Time and time again I am discovering in the time I have spent open that people are coming to me because they are fed up with poor service at the register or follow up service from their salon. A woman rebooked because I said thank you to her for giving me her business. Another because I showed her how to apply the oil that was provided with her service and how to maintain her nails while she wasn’t seeing me. Literally a few minutes of my time given for free resulted in a regular booking and $$$.

Sorry for the ramble. I guess what I’m trying to say is keep it real simple and master the basics because so many don’t. Do that and give your customer the experience they deserve and you will rock it in.