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I really hate to advertise for any bank.

Which has the best options will depend on what you want from the account.

CBA gives a $500 OD on small business accounts when you open – existing accounts had this added when the ‘option’ became available about 2 (maybe) years ago.

I imagine the others will all offer something similar – especially if they want your business bad enough.

In my case, the account started at CBA some 13 or 14 years back as they had the least damaging fee structure. The few times I’ve looked at changing and when I started the 2nd business, the others didn’t compete of fees.
But that is what suits me – it may not suit you.

You can ask to see the ‘Business Banking’ person at most bank branches.

One thing though, in spite of Westpac’s big push on Business Banking for Small Business, their in branch business banking staff can do very little – they seem more glorified ‘referral to phone support’ staff (personal experience there)

That said, Westpac do run some good Finance classes for small business – takes 2 days.