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alecia, post: 105657 wrote:
Right now I am trying to work out how to register the business (I know HOW but I don’t know WHERE to start!) I am thinking of a name that will leave me open to selling potatoes in the future and also working out what exactly I need to do to register the business (not just the name).

SO confused, SO excited, and I will SO get through all this confusion (but hopefully not the excitement)

If your not making over $70K then just get an ABN number, whih is free and very easy read here on ABN if you have not already

check this page https://www.abr.gov.au/ although it is not working in firefox browser

however my knowledge is limited so as a food seller I “guess” you can get by with an ABN and food insurance and safety info

I don’t think you have to fully register for GST or anything major.

Also talk to an accountant if possible as these people will tell you what you can buy that would be a tax deduction which would help reduce costs later but you will want the ABN first before you buy anything

There are registering companies out there that will charge you money to register your ABN for you- DO NOT DO THIS, it is easy and free to do it yourself for example http://abnregistration.com.au/?gclid=CMfzya33kK4CFQ2ApAodMiXffg what a joke Our ABN Registrations don’t cost the earth. On sale now – see below. they don’t cost anything so stay away from those guys

In the moment for the moment

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