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I think investors in Australia are much more conservative than in the US, meaning that even on a per-capita basis, there is far less money available for high-risk, high reward investment such as funding startups outside of established industries. Want to start a coffee shop, no worries. Just don’t try and do anything that hasn’t been done before.

What little high-risk money is available in this country is generally sunk into mineral exploration at the moment.

By contrast, wealthy individuals in the US have a well-established culture of investing some of their money in risky early-stage ventures. The very existence of Silicon Valley owes itself to this every bit as much as the ingenuity of the technology entrepreneurs themselves.

A colleague of mine once joked that startup funding in Australia is all about raising the funds for a flight to San Francisco. Sad, but one only has to look at the history of Australian inventions to see more than a grain of truth in it.