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Hi alecia,

Firstly, welcome to Flying Solo :)

Whilst I only have a licence for Category 4 goods, I think the general process is much the same. The Dept of Health (or equivalent) in your state, or the local council or shire where your food premises business address is registered should have the appropriate forms and info for you.

I would assume that many of the major insurance companies have this type of insurance, however http://www.marketsandfairs.com.au/insurance.html might be a starting point, as they show some prices on their website (by the way, I am not affiliated with them in any way!).

I found the local council to be of most help – the health officer knows pretty much all that is required and generally has the info at his or her fingertips. It’s at least a starting point, and may lead you to other areas if required.

Good luck with it all.