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Well good luck – when I started trying to get everything underway they were in the midst of changing the rules & regs – left hand didn’t seem to know what the right hand was doing and each website had a different form to download & different info! Finally, my lovely local shire gave me the correct info and form and lots of help. Should have started there in the first place. :) Glad I don’t need the insurance as well. A stall holder at a market last weekend was saying her registration cost $245 per year and her insurance cost the same, so that might be a guideline to costs for you (she has a hobby farm & makes & sells really yummy jams & chutneys so not sure if that’s the same category as the one you require).
I’m happy to forward a copy of the food info I was sent and found (it relates to Victorian regulations) if you’d like it – just need your email address.