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Please do not take my comments as being offensive, I hope to be constructive…

Your list of skills would read like 1,000 other resumes currently doing the rounds for any typical sales/management role.

If you mean to start up in business, you need to get out of the mentality that people will simply ask you what you can provide and pay you for it. Sure, when you have a number of years and clients under your belt maybe, but from the outset you are going to have to go to them and tell them why they need you.

As others have said, you need to specialise in an area, sales and marketing is fine, but what exactly in that space or you going to do? Sales training, marketing consultant, sales contractor…? The list in those two fields is endless, and is very competitive – you need to come up with a different angle that works for you, based on your experience.

For example, if you sales experience has been collected in the area of selling office consumables, perhaps use that as a starting market. You will have more credibility than just being a general ‘I have done sales therefore can sell anything’ type of business.

You also need to define your target audience very specifically. If you intend on doing this part time only, you need to think how your target audience will cope with this – if you are targeting large corporates, they probably wont, but if you are offering sales coaching via distance, maybe it could.

Everyone on here will have different opinions and great advice for you, but I think it is important for you to come up with the foundations yourself, as only you know what areas you can add most value to.

Hope this helps