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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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I beg to differ. There are tons of people who know their products inside out but can’t sell their way out of a paperbag :)

Why? because people don’t buy products. They buy solutions to their problems. Too many salespeople who don’t understand who their customer is and what concerns they have.

The successful salespeople are like doctors. They are more interested in the customer pain and diagnosing the problem before even thinking about a possible solution .

On the other hand, the average salesperson is only concerned about slamming solutions without thinking about the customer’s hopes and fears.

Imagine if you visited a doctor and said you felt weak. Next thing you know, you are handed a prescription for antibiotics. How do you feel about this? This is what the average salesperson does and that’s why they fail and then say that selling is hard or blame the customer.

What if you were allergic to certain antibiotics? what if you just needed panadol or something else? What if you had diabetes and didn’t know?

We need to spend more time on the problem just like a doctor before offering a solution. A professional/successful salesperson also understands when to refer to a specialist even if it’s the competition.

Johannp, post: 105970 wrote:
With a bit of product Knowledge any thing can be sold!!!. But its also up the vendor / Customer to be realistic too.