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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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Hi Johannp,

If we are to be above average, should we expect the customer to know what they want or should we diagnose their problem first and find out if they are committed to fix the problem and then offer the right product?

any time it appears that the customer doesnt know what they want is a indication that we are not doing our job in :

1. identifying problem

2. agitate the problem to communicate severity and consequence for not getting it fixed today – no hard selling here.

3. Offering a solution (after they beg you to fix their problem)

in my view, it is not the job of the customer to know what they want. That is what they are paying me for – think consultation.

In my experience, we are too product focused instead of customer focused and this comes across quite strongly to the prospect. They know that all we want to do is sell instead of solve.

Think like the top medical professionals like brain surgeons who will perform all types of tests and assements before they allow you to give them lots of money to solve your problem.

Johannp, post: 106008 wrote:
there are also alot of customers out there who dont even know what they want etc.

“Imagine if you visited a doctor and said you felt weak. Next thing you know, you are handed a prescription for antibiotics”

Unfourtantley there are allot of doctors who work like this….