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Phillip P
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NathanB, post: 105622 wrote:
I have to agree and disagree – I completely agree their is a market for talented people that can drive results how ever, quick fix business is becoming more and more predominant amongst the SME’s just trying to stay afloat or start up in this tough economy. This is why Daily Deal websites are so so successful (and SOOO expensive).

Opportunity 2 – Get a your product on a daily deal website (free) – sell a S**T load.

Pros: Short term success. Immediate cash flow. No upfront cost. They do all the work. You only pay for what you sell.
Cons: Cost you FAT chunk of your profit margin


You missed out on the pros that you would get exposed and gain LONG TERM CLIENTS for life if your services or product is worth its salt.

Its worth losing 100% of the product for me to have them as clients for 20 years and make 30-40K