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Lol. Love tiggerito approach. so true.

It’s funny how wrong some people have the idea of “forum marketing”

1. List is not yours, so you didn’t put any effort (really)

2. You don’t have a website yet, so why promote your services…. if you still have nothing to “show” .

3. the approach of “Here is some help for you SEO starter’s. These tips will improve SEO but if you want professional SEO services, feel free to contact me.” … it’s pretty boring, and really you nobody will contact you just because you post 44 points….

4. This list has to do with online marketing but NOT with SEO.
how “Send out a newsletter!” helps SEO? :confused:

As a small tip …. may be the secret of “targeting customers in a forum could be recap as……” (in this order)

1) Listen.
2) Listen.
3) Help
4) Provide Value
5) Listen
6) Don’t pitch
7) Listen
8) Provide Value
9) Provide more value
10) Keep reading, keep helping people….
11) Provide even more value.
12) and wait…. (suddenly the phone will start ringing)
13) Rinse and repeat, but provide a bit more value ….

Want to know how it’s done?
Check these SEO dudes ;)

Bob Jones