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I see that you work with retirement community.
My question is who actually pays you?
Is it the retirement village or individuals who are retired.
If the retirement village is paying for your service they will need to make there that any increase in pricing it wont effect there budget to much.
Retirees are already living on a low budget so also keep that in mind.
When things change you will always loose customer but also keep in mind you might get news ones as well.
Rather then trying to just uplift cost to your clients have you looked at ways at reducing your own cost?
I think charging one price to exiting clients and one price new clients is dangerous. Because what if one of your existing clients recommends there friends to use you? and they say wow this guy is really great he charges 50.00 per sessions for an example. Then the new customer rings you as says how much do you charge and you say some thing higher then it will create a bad realationship from the start