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Hi Gail,
You’ve got it in one with “snippets” being about “‘how’ you appear in Google results rather than ‘where’ you appear”.

Snippets have no impact on your ranking in Google.

That is not to say that anything that makes your listing in Google stand out from the rest of the results is unimportant. There are many ways to do this and snippets is another one to add to the list.

Snippets are created with meta tags on your own web pages. However, the stars and reviews don’t appear on your own site pages. The “snippet” on your web page references a third party’s page of reviews. Eg. A restaurant website could be showing the stars and reviews from the Eatability website in their Google search results.

As to people creating misleading reviews, Google hates it and I think it is quite likely illegal under various Australian trade practices laws – a lawyer’s advice on this would be intersting.

I spoke to a company yesterday who had been manipulating their Google Places listings. Someone reported them and they then found all their Places pages were cancelled/banned.

If you think your competitor is trying to manipulate reviews, there are forms to report this sort of activity to Google.

Google knows that review manipulation is rife. You may not get much action with your one report but if G receives enough of them it will do things as extreme as cancel all Places listings for the category of “locksmith” world-wide. This business category is back in Google Places now, but it was cancelled for a long time because of wide-spread manipulation of results.