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When I get asked about sales and marketing, it’s mainly asking about how they find their target audience. They have a great product (most of them do anyway) but it’s not moving. Their audience doesn’t even know they exist and many of them don’t have B&M shopfronts.

I help them, for example, find out about expos/markets in their field. Or upcoming advertorial opportunities. A lot of them don’t even know where to start with finding out what trade magazines cover their niche etc. Or what publications (on and off line) that their audience reads.

And social media marketing is a big one too – although there are a lot of people selling their “experience” in this area already.

My PR/Marketing/journalism background is incredibly broad, which is why I get asked this – and why I am usually happy to help or at least refer. That said, I chose to specialise in writing because that’s my passion, so that will always come first.