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JohnSheppard, post: 105655 wrote:
It’s not about being proud. If you are dealing with business it’s about ROI….There are plenty of small business around who haven’t worked that out yet….those people will be your market unless you can demonstrate some kind of ROI…

The other thing is that trying to sell by being the cheapest has been done before, a gazzilion web designers over…those gazzilion web designers are now insane, living in hell, or have wised up and become accountants…

20 seconds is too long. 2 seconds is too long…
I don’t think the website is too bad. Ineffective definitely..

If I was to hand out advice. I would suggest you learn while you are on someone else’s pay packet. If you don’t know the industry inside out and back to front…sorry….it is a highly skilled and undervalued trade….you are not going to make much money….nor any for people who hire you…

Think you’re being a bit extreme there.