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Your site is a lot better than a few companies I know of that somehow manage to stay fairly successful; so good work there :D

Keep working on your skills and bump up your prices a bit; you’re definitely selling yourself short. There’s a very fine line between “affordable” and “cheap”. A five page website designed and hosted for two hundred backs immediately makes me think that it’s going to be low quality.

Also, the following sentence I found a bit silly:

“Most other designers will ask for money up front before you see anything. “

Because most other designers have been burned and burned badly by people who take advantage of the generosity you’re showing. Always protect yourself and take some money upfront. Too many people get ripped off far too often.

The sentiment is nice, but you are a business and your designs are your product: All it takes is one guy to take a screenshot you’ve sent him and get it coded off-shore and you’ll change your tone real quick. Protect yourself and take some pride in your work. Any client scared off by a deposit is not worth your time.