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You know what’s a good, easy way to estimate a market (provided you’re selling to computer literate people) – The Google Adwords Keyword Tool – It gives you a good rough indication of searches every month (in exact match mode), peak times of year and industry overview (broad match mode). You can then google those keywords and see just how competitive the industry is, if you then paste the companies on the first three pages into Linkscape you can see just how hard they’ve had to work to get to the top of Google. If they have scores like 80 90 5000 100000 then you know it’s a cut throat niche but if they have scores like 15 22 85 113 then you know there is an opportunity in that niche. Just remember that the exact match keyword setting gives you the actual number of monthly searches, not broad match – it’s extremely important to remember that. It’s not 100% accurate but I love discovering opportunity niches on there.