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Great question and I guess there are benefits and failures to both.

Now, I can certainly say, in our industry (Telecommunications) both have proven to be very very difficult because of the public perception of telco companies. And more so, because of the unethical and rude ways that companies have called people to gain sales. These examples tend to be off shore and I would be very careful as to allowing someone else outside your control making calls and speaking to your customers. Your brand is at stake and the calling party has a different commitment to your company then you.

We actually did a marketing campaign by outsourcing and then called every customer that was called and signed up, many of them didnt even know they had signed up! lol

So in-house is an option we choose because of the protection of brand and on many levels we can create the system, structure the call and monitor the interaction. I believe we/you could maintain a more economic cost also being able to cross train staff.

It is an interesting topic that is for sure. We have leant more towards putting time into SEO and internet marketing. I guess if the customer comes to us for something they need, the relationship has begun on a good foot.

Hope it goes well, I would be interested in hearing how it goes and what you find.