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Phillip P
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kjd, post: 105609 wrote:
Hi all,

I’m after a quote to do the following:

a. Integrate phpbb3 forum from Ausvarmint.com to huntandshoot.com.au preserving all the data’s.

b. Allow the phpbb3 members to post in the wordpress blog.

c. Allow wordpress members to post in the forum.

d. Try to keep databases separate but hopefully make it possible to be logged into both wordpress and phpbb3 at the same time. (for speed and reliability).

e. Make phpbb3 forum to appear in the wordpress blog theme.

f. Automatically post title and description of new blogs on forum.

g. Have Google analytics work on forum as well.

I’m happy for this to use third party plugins to achieve this such as wp-united.
I’m also willing to entertain the idea of changing forum software if there are valid reasons why we should (usability, security or easier to incorporate into WP).

[email protected] is my email address.

We can do it but it will cause you problems… depends what plugins your using with phpbb3 etc.

The way the db prefix works in wordpress and phpbb doesnt always talk and agree specially since the db updates in wordpress.

http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=70&t=544065 this use to work well but had problems with it of late.

But we also have the forum behind a membership area so this might still work.

add me on skype and we can discuss there.