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John Debrincat
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MunchkinNappyCakes, post: 105814 wrote:
Just wondering if anyone had any tips on what I may be able to do to improve this please. Or where I can advertise to help promote my business.


Hi Michelle,

There are some basic issues that will stop people buying from you:

  • No terms and conditions on the site
  • No refund or returns policy
  • No products viewable on the home page — I would make this the home page — nappy–towel-cake-designs.html
  • Move the Free Delivery text into the banner it is a great motivator to buy
  • Make it obvious on the home page that payment is with PayPal – you have a note there but it is in the text and below the page fold. Use a PayPal logo from the PayPal logo centre

You have Google Analytics on the pages but do you use it to track conversions if not then I would add that with the necessary conversion tracking code to see how many people go to PayPal and don’t buy. if it is significant then you might need to consider another payment method.

You did not actually mention how many visitors to final buyers. So you might be getting a reasonable conversion rate and it all might need more marketing.

You don’t look like you have much for SEO the Title tag on the home page needs to be expanded and have more core keywords and the meta tags have not been completed on any page – ie

If you don’t do any PPC then maybe consider a short run Google Adwords on a couple of products to see if targeted marketing has a result better than organic.