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Your SEO is pretty basic and you could be getting a lot more traffic but the question is about conversions.

I would guess that your conversion issues are mostly about copywriting and images. It’s a very visual product so those home spun images are letting you down. You don’t need to pay an expensive photographer (you could DIY it or get a student or do a contra job with a pregnant photographer) but using photoshop or gimp to “isolate” (remove the backgrounds) and brighten the images will make them look more exciting and enticing. I have worked on one of your competitor’s sites (possibly your biggest competitor) and her photos really sell her products! I would also see if your website has a plug in that allows images to scroll on the home page, showing off your best work.

Copy should not only meet Google on page SEO requirements but should grab them straight away with something that makes your brand appealing and better than all the others out there (this is an uber competitive niche). Why do people give nappy cakes? Who gives them? What influences their decision making? What do they google when researching, what do they google when ready to buy? What’s in it for them? What do you do better than anyone else? Decide all those things first and then find a way to say it that LEAPS off the page. Break your text up into short paragraphs with keyword rich h2 headers and do your page title seo and internal linking correctly. This will all help with navigation, indexing and ultimately, conversions. It all sounds more complicated than it really is, those links explain most of it. :)