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Remember the 30 second rule – you have 30 seconds to make an impression. Your prospective customers are not reading your website in the first instance but instead scanning it. As alluded to by others on this thread, the message of the website is not succinct which would have an effect on your conversion rate. Getting traffic to your site is one part of the puzzle – converting these into customers is another issue.

If you would like me to recommend a graphic designer or web company to help in this regard or even would like to have a chat on the phone, please feel free to inbox me.

stuff 30 seconds try 5 seconds

I only read the first paragraph of your site and it does not really say what nappy cakes are

What are Nappy Cakes?
Nappy Cakes are an ideal baby shower gift, or for the arrival of a new baby. They are creative, last much longer than flowers or chocolates and are a lot more practical. When you turn up and present your Nappy Cake you are sure to give the most unique gift that won’t be forgotten!

do you eat it? is it a cake in the shape of a nappy?

try this

Nappy cakes are an assortment of essential Baby items for a new mum, presented like a cake for a fun, memorable and practicle Baby shower gift.

Photos are OK but I would have a photo of a bunch of mothers sitting around and 1 giving a pregnant lady one of your nappy cakes and she would have a huge smile and look of excitement on it.

Your selling more than just a physical nappy display, your selling the novelty and the emotion connected to giving the gift that is unique

see image below
thats a sales photo- your selling the physical product, and also the emotion connected to the gift

now you would want to have your product in a position to be seen, on the table you could have a bunch of the regualr standard gifts, and your gift as the primary gift.

As for the rest of the site there is too much text to read, which is better suited to anotherpage like the about us page.

Understanding your customer

99% women I assume, time poor, possibly have their own kids they probably have new borns (friends always seem to have kids all at the same time)

so with that in mind

Cut to the chase with your communication of what the product is, cut to the chase by having direct links to the products – don’t have BUY NOW because they are not ready

have Start shopping now on the home page or browse our nappy cakes

under the opening texts have options

Tier 1 with photo
Tier 2 with photo and so forth so from the home page (not the menu) they can click on their particular products from the body of the page- you might and I stress “might” want to have
Tier 1 cakes from $29 with photos
tier 2 cakes from $45 with photos

the above images would link to the appropriate page for more info and purchase options.

Product displays
You need prices with the thumbnail images
for example when your on this page

there is not alot of info- if you click the first image it takes you to this page
http://www.munchkinnappycakes.com/1-tier-footy-with-lollypops-nappy-cake.html where they get the price- how do they go back if it is too expensive (use the menu, but there should also be a back button such as Back to products).

I have never been to a baby shower before (probably never will) are the prices normal for these kinds of things. I would suggest making it easier to find products not just based on the physical dimensions but also on price

I agree with the otherposts – too much to read, people scan they don’t read paragraphs

with that in mind if you do have to use alot of text use the “BOLD” to highlight important words and phrases to make scanning easier and get the important message accross.

this allows the time poor and potentially money poor lady to easily pick things based on her budget and a quick look

More on understanding your customer
Make it easy to pay, make it easy for them to receive the gifts, it is communicated on your site about FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE. which is good- so when redoing the home page don’t forget this

Your logo:
If thats what you like go for it, But I suggest
having a Tag line near the logo

And then either to the right hand side or directly underneath have try and communicate exactly what the product is with absolute minimal words

essential Baby items for a new mum, presented like a cake


this is important because from google they might not first off land on your home page- they might get to your site on this page and have no idea what page they are on

the tag line also helps communicate straight away what you are selling

it has to be dumbed down read it once and understand it, write it so that a child could understand it, don’t have

If you are looking for something creative, practical and unforgettable, you have come to the right place!

It’s not saying what the product is in the tag line.

anyway I hope that helps

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