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I think that nappy cakes are an aspirational purchase. Friends or workplaces give nappy cakes as a “grand gesture” – something exciting and wow factor – I don’t think if you’re shopping for nappy cakes your first concern is saving time. I would suggest optimising for baby gifts, baby shower gifts, pretty baby gifts etc and then some converting keywords for your core market that know what a nappy cake is and are in the final stage of the purchase decision process – some money pages (products etc) optimised for “buy nappy cakes online” “nappy cake makers Melbourne” or whatever. Catch all stages of the buying process and all markets associated.

I think you need to know what is most important to your customer. Nappy cakes are a very competitive little niche, find out what you can do differently, find out what your customers wish the others did and really focus on that.

All this conflicting advice is all still good advice. Test test test is the way to know which advice is good :)