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also if you don’t have budget or time to get the new site working then you create a feedback testimonial video, grab your current customers if they are local and friends (plus some of your mates) and get them holding your products saying how good they are.

these video’s become credability and you can create them for free

get a camera even a still camera with video and audio capture and video- use windows movie maker- free to edit them altogeather and upload to youtube

all free and then wack this on your home page – it will show off your different products and add some credability to your business

you might not be able to compete with the professional look of the better sites but you can compete by adding credability to your site with the use of free video and testimonials (add some emotional music in the background ) it’s a stop gap measure but you need to convert your traffic so you need to do something that the other companies are not doing